Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training~ Day 1: Thankful

I'm Here!!

Hey Everyone! I know I didn't officially finish my countdown to school.  The last couple of days have been jammed with things to do.  Packing, admin work, putting together surprises for you.  They didn't all  quite come together in the time I wanted them to, but trust me, everything is on time. So look out for a great surprise coming soon.

I want to say Thank You again to everyone who supported me on this journey monetarily and spiritually. I can feel your love.  I know I'm going to have a life changing experience here.

So just a little about the journey.  I am so thankful to my girl Vilma for driving me up.  I was really dreading the thought of getting on public transportation with a months worth of stuff. That was not looking sexy at all.  So Vil came through and this morning we left Brooklyn for Lenox, MA.  I have never been away from NY this long. I came close in 2003 when I went to Italy for three weeks, but this feels very different.

The drive here was amazing. The foliage is in full effect and just getting better. We got a little turned around, but what a drive to be turned around on.  The houses, the cows and horses we saw along the way just accented the colors of the trees. I love this time of year. It's my time.  I am a fall baby after all.

Kripalu is right next door to Tanglewood. For those of you unfamiliar with this area, Tanglewood is where the Boston Pops play during the summertime as well as on the esplanade in Cambridge.  Tanglewood also hosts a bunch of non-classical shows like that of James Taylor.  It's a really amazing place that I used to visit quite a lot with my family as a kid.  This is truly one of the most beautiful places in the country.

When Vilma and I finally got here my mom was here to greet us! I checked in and went to my room. Well I can't really say it's my room, I share a space with 20, yes 20 other women.  Privacy is not something I will be getting here this month. But I'm not worried. I 'm just channeling my old Ohio State days of 16 in a suite.

The room is big, there are a lot of us, but I am grateful to be here for sure.  I dropped my things off and then we headed to the cafe and then outside to take in the view.  Amazing!  This place is overlooking the mountains and there is a lake. It's crazy beautiful.  Soon it was time for dinner and I was starving. I hadn't really eaten all day. I'm so happy to know that this is going to change. There is food, food, food and everyone I talked to was right about it.  The food is killin'!  I've only had one meal so far and I was floored already.  So don't be surprised if I'm blogging about food a lot. LOL!

I had to hurry back to the room, change and get ready for my first class.  I said my farewells to Vilma and my mom and quickly headed to class.  The first class was really a welcome.  Everyone getting to know each other.  I am the only black person in the class, but I have to admit that I expected that.  There are a few other people of color, but I am the lone African-American representative.  I have lots of thoughts about that, but no need to belabor the point. At least not at this time.

It was a great night. I should be in bed now. My saving grace is that we don't have 6:30am yoga tomorrow. We start at 9am instead.  So here I am getting this out to you and I am so happy to be sharing.

I will give you more details as well go along, but for now I say once again, Thank You!  Some of you have asked if there is still time to donate toward my fundraiser and the answer is yes. I will be fundraising till I reach my goal. You all rock so hard!  Sending you lots of love. Let the transformation begin.


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