Thursday, August 29, 2013

blaKbüshe Wellness Day/ Fall Equinox Celebration! Heal for the Music!

Hey Everyone!

On September 22nd, I will be hosting one more wellness day to raise funds for my forthcoming album with my band Shelley Nicole's blaKbüshe.  All treatments during wellness day will be on a sliding scale from $25-$65.  So please come out and support the music while healing your body, mind & spirit.

Thank you so much and here are the details below.  I will update the information as needed.


blaKbüshe Wellness Day
Fall Equinox Celebration! 
Heal for the Music!
Sunday September 22nd
Freebrook Spaces
375 Stuyvestant Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11233
Reflexology, Massage, Thai Yoga Massage, Reiki, Tarot: 25 mins 
Each service is $25-$65 sliding scale
Short talk about the Fall Equinox
Credit cards accepted but CASH is preferred
Raising Funds for the Shelley Nicole's blaKbüshe Album Project!
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Come Celebrate the Season with Us! 

A/C Train to Utica Avenue or B25 Bus to Stuyvesant Avenue

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blaKbüshe Wellness Day Schedule
Guest Speakers
2:30pm - Dayanara Marta: Fall Medicine and Stepping Boldly into the Season
3:30pm - Julie Brown: Cleansing in the Fall Season
4:30pm: Shelley Nicole: Abundance Rituals for the Fall 

Cameron 12-4pm
Jameelah 12-4pm
Anna 4-6pm

Thai Massage
Omena El 12-2pm
Tinuola 2-4pm

Reiki/Energy Healing
Kaweria 12-4pm
Hakhi 4-6pm

Crystal 2-5pm

Po-Hong 12-2pm

Crystal/Chakra Readings
Kufunya 4-6pm

Tarot & Astrology Reading
Stefanie (Tarot) 12-3pm
Hakhi (Astrology) 4-6pm

Passionate Living Coaching
Abiola 2-6pm

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