Monday, October 8, 2012

Countdown to Yoga School ~ Days 9, 8 & 7

Don't worry. I'm not going to give you a huge blog about three days of yoga. One reason is because I wasn't doing yoga for two of the three days. Yes, I fell off the wagon a bit, but it was for a good reason.  Without getting too personal I'll tell you that Friday was a slow moving day for me.  I was on my way to yoga at least two times and both were failed attempts.  But in my defense, Katie and I did have a show that night.

Friday was the yoga school fundraiser show so there was a lot on my plate. I was supposed to meet Katie at 6pm, but between the traffic she hit coming into the City from Nyack and the fact that I was slow moving, I probably didn't get to the Masonic Temple till 7pm.

When I arrived, Ray who I'm sure is a mason, was operating the elevator. Yes operating!  It was truly old school and amazing! Katie has a little rehearsal studio in the Temple, which is interesting in and of itself, but it's there.  We did a little cleaning of the space and dimmed the lights. Brought in some candles and gave it a little vibe and we were good to go.

It took us a while to get going, but once we did it was an amazing night. Katie and I played round robin style. So she played two songs and I played two and so on. I hadn't heard Katie sing live in a long time, but I tell you she is like no one else. I was blown away as usual.

After doing a few rounds and even singing "Landslide" with Chaney Sims, we knew we had to do it again and bigger and better! I really love Katie and he whole musical vibe.  It's just incredible.

On Saturday, I couldn't quite make it to yoga either. I had so many errands to run to get ready for my departure. There were still so many things that I needed for school. I needed a few more pairs of yoga pants, tops, boots, jacket, and the list goes on. So I needed to see what I could find on a budget.  Of course that took me to TJMaxx and Old Navy. Found some pretty good things at both and then headed back home to get ready for Nucomme's Betty Davis story event at the Brooklyn Museum.

So today was my first day back to yoga after missing a couple. It actually felt really amazing and a great class. Keri is now teaching the 10:40am class that my other teacher Keely used to do. I miss Keely, but Keri is awesome too.  She really puts it together for me and I appreciate that.

I want to thank everyone who came out on Friday night.  You all made the night so special.  We are in the final fundraising stretch.  I can't believe that I'm leaving for school on the 14th. Time really does fly. So let's do this! Let's send me off with a bang.  We are over 76% there.  Let's take to to 100% or even more!

Thank you so much! Yoga, Healing & Music for all!

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