Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Countdown to Yoga School ~ Day 12

As you can see I'm on the late night blog again.  Well it was a sort of long day.  I had a show tonight so I was focusing on that, but I did make it to class today.

For those of you who read the blog yesterday you may be happy to know that my instructor Keri is OK. She was in class today teaching and she was not in pain.  I was really glad to see that. So today's class was great as usual.

The class was more meditative than usual. Keri had us sit in silence for 5 minutes before we moved into any postures.  Now I meditate on a regular, but for folks who don't I know that sitting for 5 minutes can seem like an eternity, but I welcomed it.  Today's class was a Basics class, which has been really great for me as I get ready to go.  I know I said this before, but it has been helping so much to take that step back before I go forward.  I am getting more and more clear about the things that I'll need to work on at school.  I know I'm exactly where I need to be, but I'm also clear about where I want to be.

I have been feeling my left shoulder a lot. I know it will stop hurting.  It did when I did my 30 days of yoga so I know it can again. It doesn't hurt all the time, but I surely do feel it.  It will get stronger.

I got my first box of Yogi Muscle Rejuvenation tea.  I'm told that it's the bomb for aches and pains so that will be part of my daily ritual.  I'm so excited!

Thank you again so much for your support. We are so, so close to our goal. I continue to be humbled by all of your generosity.  The thermometer says we are 70% funded.  Let's do this!  Thank You! Thank You.


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