Thursday, October 11, 2012

Countdown to Yoga School ~ Day 5, 4 & 3

I can't believe I'm 3 days away from school. Where did the time go? These things always sneak up on you and then the rush is on.  I'm trying not to be in a panic about what's left to do, but I can feel it in my shoulders already; the stress that is.  Time to breathe.

As you can see I haven't posted anything since Tuesday. I did make it to class that day and itt was my last class with Keri for a while. Tuesday was a Basics class and I had a great time in class as usual. But I have to admit that so much has been going on that I can't even remember what we did in class that day. LOL!

I chatted with Keri for a while when class ended and she gave me her card so I could call from school if I needed to. I thought that was sweet, but it's also because she knows I will need to talk to someone who knows what in the world is going on out there. LOL!  She has given me some good advice since learning that I am going to school. I'm so thankful for that.

I didn't go to class on Wednesday. I knew that was going to be the case. I had so many errands to run and I had to go visit a friend. I'm working on band stuff as well so there is just so much churning around.  I am in deep admin mode, but I didn't want to forget about you all.

Today was my last day working at Area for a while and lots happened today. I went in kind of cranky because none of the rental mats were clean. Although it is part of my job to clean them, usually at least one or two are clean before I get there.  But after all that I talked to one of the yoga teachers there, Danielle, and she wants me to play at her Midnight Yoga class in December at Laughing Lotus, which is going to be amazing. I will surely let you all know about that and then I found out that one of my other teachers, Elias, is going to be at Kripalu the same time I'm there.  How about that!  The world gets smaller and smaller. He won't be part of my training, but who knows, I may see him.

I also got to talk for a while to one of the other attendants at Area that I don't usually get to chat with. So all in all it was a great day.  I ran a few more errands and came home.  I have been on the computer and here I will remain until I can get a break to go dancing. Yes dancing! I'm going to get as much in as I can before I got.

Thank you all so much for donating to the fundraiser for school. We are still in the zone and have almost reached out goal! We are so close. Please help take us over the top.  If you have wanted to donate you still have time.  It would be such a blessing. Thank You. Thank You.

Have a great night every one! More tomorrow. Namaste.

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