Thursday, October 4, 2012

Countdown to Yoga School ~ Day 11

I know I'm really late again. In fact a whole day late, but here goes.  

I went to the 11am Slow Flow class and it felt really calm.  As I mentioned yesterday, I have been really feeling my shoulder.  I know it will pass, but today was no exception, but I pushed through.

I'm really starting to like this teacher.  Her name is Marissa and today made the third class I've taken with her.  I've been to a few Slow Flow classes in which I wasn't sure why it was called that, but everyone has their own style.

We really took our time moving through the postures, but she kept a good pace so it didn't feel like a Basics class. One thing that stood out for me in class today was the use of the strap. Of course I have used straps many times in class, but today I could actually feel what it had done to lengthen my legs. I placed the strap around the bottom of our foot and stretched my right leg out to the right while I held the strap in my hand and then we took our leg across out body in the opposite direction.  When she told to put our foot down I could energetically feel how it was longer than the other for that moment. We soon did the other side and things evened out.  That felt really amazing to me.

After class today I had to meet with my friend Hollie to talk some business and then I came home to prepare for rehearsal. So it was pretty normal day, but yoga class was great!

Thank you again to everyone who has donated so far and those who are still to come.  We are 70% funded!  Let's keep this going.  Thank you so much!


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