Thursday, October 4, 2012

Countdown to Yoga School ~ Day 10

I think I might have mentioned this early on, but I do Karmi work at Area Yoga so I can take class for free.  I work 4 hours per week and have unlimited yoga!  You can't beat that.

When I started last year I was working pretty regularly every Thursday. I would only switch days if I had a regular day gig for a bit or other travel opportunities came up.  But for the most part last year I was there on Thursday morning.

I would work the front desk checking people in and making sales and then at 12:30pm I would go to Slow Flow class with Elias.  Now Elias is is an awesome teacher with a thick Mexican accent. I remember in the early days of going to his class I would have to listen very hard to catch all the directions. It's interesting because sometimes he talks really fast, but because he repeats himself to make sure everyone got it.   Now that I've been taking his class for a while I'm right there with him

Today was my first day back in his class for a while.  Since coming back to NY I has sort of been all over the place with classes because my work shift has been different every week.  Well, it was so good to be back in his class.

As I mentioned yesterday, all Slow Flow classes are not alike. When I'm in Elias's class I don't feel like the flow is slow, so I can only imaging what a regular pace class is for him.  He keeps telling me to come to his Happy Hour class, which is really a happy hour and a half.  LOL! We'll see.  ;-)

The focus of today's class was hip openers and I can feel my hips as I sit here writing. I should really be in the tub right now.  Anyway,  I really appreciated Elias talking about when the hips are opened you might feel like you want to cry because we hold a lot there. This could explain why sometimes women cry when having sex, but I digress...  So he prepared people for what they might feel post class, which I always appreciate. There is nothing like doing some body work and finding yourself in the supermarket a hot blubbering mess. LOL!  Well at least a little emotional in the street.  I have been there for sure.

I will be sure to make it to class with Elias at least one or two more times before I leave for school.  His preferred style of yoga is Anusara and I think I'm starting to feel the vibe.

I can't believe there are only 10 days before I leave for school. Time is really flying and I have so much to get done.  I guess I better hop to it. Thank you all for your donations! Keep them coming and keep spreading the word.


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