Sunday, September 30, 2012

Countdown to Yoga School ~ Days 15 & 14

It was a great weekend. So good that I didn't get to write until now.  I wrote about Day 16 from the road with Burnt Sugar, which was amazing! We played in Philly on Friday night, but I did my due diligence and went to class on Saturday morning.  No too early, but morning nonetheless.

The strange thing about Saturday (Day 15) was that I got up and was ready to go to class in plenty of time, but for some reason I was still late.  Well the reason is that I always forget how janky the trains are on the weekend. I hate getting to class late, but it happens. Luckily Saturday's class was an hour and a half.  Most of the classes at Area are an hour and ten minutes.

Saturday's class was a Basics class and Angela was teaching.   She took her time in class and allowed me to really think about the postures a little more. I'm really into foundation work right now and I've  really been thinking about and working on my chaturanga. I think I might have been doing it a bit wrong for a while because when I try to do it correctly I can really feel my shoulder and not in the best way.  I'm not beating myself up, but it is something to focus on going forward. I know I need to strengthen my left shoulder.  I know it's not 100%, but I will get there or do the best I can trying.  All in all it was a great class. I'm glad I made it even thought I was a little tardy to the party.

Today (Day 14), I did as I will be doing at Kripalu, which is take the day off.  I will only have 4 Sunday's off the whole time I'm there. I didn't just laze about today though. Once a month I volunteer at a alternative healing center for women with breast cancer or survivors called You Can Thrive!  It's an amazing place and I get to do Reiki on the women who come and help them in their healing process. These women are so inspirational.  I feel blessed to be a part of that healers community.

Besides that my day was pretty regular. Cleaned house a bit, biked to see my cousin for a while, came home, made dinner and then had rehearsal for my shows this week.  It was a great day.

I received a few donations over the weekend and I am so thankful. We are almost there folks!  Just about $300 to go to make tuition! It's really amazing how generous everyone has been. I am so humbled and thankful.  There is still time to donate so please help out in any way you can. Either by donating or spreading the word.  Thank you so much!


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