Friday, September 28, 2012

Countdown to Yoga School ~ Day 16

This morning when I woke up my knee was hurting.  I knew that after a few days I might feel something other than my shoulder.  I have all kinds of potions that I've made or were given to me for joint pain so today was the day to put them into action.  I contemplated not going to class, but then I remembered that at yoga teacher training I'm not going to have that choice. Of course if I get hurt or something then I could sit something out, but for the most part you have to be there. So I pulled it together and went to class.

I had to go early this morning because I have a gig with Burnt Sugar today in Philadelphia.  So I went to the 9:15 class with my new favorite teacher Keri.  The class at that time is Power Yoga and I was a little concerned about what the pace might be with my knee hurting, but I promised myself that I would go the edge and if it really hurt then I would back off. It was raining this morning, which also didn't help my energy level, but I pushed on.

In class today the power was really more in the core and back then in the pace, which I was glad about.  I moved through the asanas pretty well, but I was having a little bit of issue with my chaturanga.  I was tired for real so my vinyasa was a little sloppy today.  I felt myself getting sleepy at points while practicing, which is crazy, but I stayed focused the best I could.

Today Keri gave me more great shoulder advice. I have so much work to do in that area since I have pain   sometimes.  I also went up into full wheel today after not going it for a long time.  It was a challenge to say the least.  My left wrist was really hurting and it was tough to push up into the pose, but Keri helped me out.  Then she suggested that I do the pose against the wall with blocks and that really helped.  I am pretty clear what I will have to work on in school. Full Wheel and strangely enough, Tree pose.  Seems simple, but gives me a little trouble.  I am so thankful for these classes with Keri before I leave.  I'm so excited about it all.  At the end of class my knee wasn't hurting anymore. This is the power of yoga.

As we close the week I want to thank everyone once again for your donations to helping to make my dreams come true.  We are almost at our goal! The deadline to turn in the final portion of the tuition in October 9th.  Please keep spreading the word.  Thank You!  Have a great weekend!


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